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Power skills matter now more than ever.

The world is changing

With hybrid and remote work, quiet quitting, and the rise of AI, the skills required to manage, lead, and excel on teams are drastically changing.

HR is struggling to respond

It's challenging to show how power skills drive results, difficult to scale and sustain to all employees, and options are limited  for a fun, modern, data-driven approach.

Traditional learning is broken

Traditional learning platforms are rigid and don't cover practical skills that help employees to better work collaboratively and boost team productivity.


of managers

say they prefer learning in bite-sized doses.


of employees

say they trust a stranger more than their own boss.


of executives

say their organizations are not data-driven.

Eskalera provides practical skills for real situations


  • Managers

    Build a culture of feedback, Keep morale up during times of change, Work with an under-performer, and more.

  • New Hires

    Manage Your First 30 Days, Understand Team Norms, Start Building Your Network, and more.

  • Team Leads

    Identify Shared Goals, Champion a Win-win, Know When to Delegate, and more.

Plan feature

Our clients are driving real impact in every industry


Financial services

A fortune 500 financial services client is providing on-demand digital coaching to 40,000 employees in 47 countries to improve collaboration post-merger.



A leading healthcare organization is scaling psychological safety skills to 10,000 healthcare professionals to drive retention and patient quality of care. 



A global manufacturing company is democratizing access to core inclusive leadership skills to all employees to drive higher performing teams.

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