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Actionable data

Net new insights and quantifiable behavior change


Target organizational goals and quantify ROI

Gain access to your employee's aggregated progress as they upskill and grow. Using over 3 million+ data points, Eskalera clients have access to both insights and professionals that will help understand a full picture of the data story.

Augment your people data strategy

250% ROI for employees who focus on training their soft skills

 3 million+ unique data points 

Leveraging industry benchmarks and impact analytics reflecting job performance, retention, and employee satisfaction.


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Our Inclusion Index


Knowing your coworkers are concerned for your welfare, supportive of your success, and in your corner.


Having a sense of shared destiny, social connection, and acceptance throughout the team.

Growth mindset

Remaining open to learning new skills and accepting new outlooks, both in yourself and others.


Confidence to speak up, share your ideas, and offer opinions and feedback.

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