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The people skills platform

Supercharge performance, belonging, and inclusion with up-skilling and actionable data


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Unlock your people power through

Upskilling Employees

In-the-moment upskilling opportunities

Human collaboration

Practice new skills in group dialogue at scale

Actionable data

Measure skill gain and behavior change

Sustainable behavior change, at scale, giving you the unique data insights that matter most.

Our Applications

Digital Coach with on-demand 3-5 minute activities

Situational tips and personalized recommendations right at your fingertips

Learn through microburst digital experiences in Paths

Short videos, interactive exercises, and micro-surveys featuring easy-to-implement tips and inclusion skills

Connect through guided discussions in Circles

Conversation prompts, group polls, and moderator training to build networks and a sense of belonging

Practice with nudges to build habits through Campaigns

Reminders delivered via email, push notifications, slack, and SMS reminders 

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Measure proprietary indices and employee motivation

Track cumulative user behavior with benchmarking and impact assessments, all through useful content delivery

Why this matters

Eskalera clients have seen 15%+ improvements in employee belonging.

Belonging is the key driver of retention, performance, and employee satisfaction.

Working and scaling with you

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